Fall Semester 2018 Catalog

DMSO 1020 Sec Anat & Nrml Sonographic Ap



This course combines the didactic education of sectional anatomy with active student participation in classroom laboratory experience. Information is weighted toward normal structures which are sonographically visible. Structures are described according to relative location and proportionality. Topics include: normal sectional anatomy of the neck, liver, biliary system, pancreas, genitourinary tract, spleen, peritoneal cavity, retroperitoneum, gastrointestinal tract, and vascular system structures within the upper and lower extremity; anatomic planes related to sonographic images; sonographic appearance and sonographic patterns of structures in the female and male pelvis, neck, liver, biliary system, pancreas, peritoneum and retroperitoneum, gastrointestinal tract, non cardiac chest, and upper and low extremities; and related imaging, laboratory testing procedures and functional testing procedures.