Fall Semester 2018 Catalog

DMSO 1040 Sonographic Physics & Instrum



Sonographers apply principles of ultrasound in the operation of medical sonographic equipment to produce a sonogram. Knowledge of the interaction of ultrasound with tissue is important for image optimization, acquisition and interpretation of sonographic images, and critical to the accurate diagnosis of disease. Introduces concepts for the factors involved with diagnostic ultrasound principles and instruments. Emphasis will be placed on ultrasound physics, transducer construction, operation and characteristics, artifacts and adjustable physics parameters. Topics include: basic principles and wave analysis; propagation of acoustic waves through tissues; principles of pulse echo imaging; sonographic transducers and sound beams; hemodynamic and Doppler imaging; sonographic instrumentation; artifacts; quality assurance/quality control of sonographic instruments; bioeffects and safety. Student laboratory scanning hours are included in this course.