Fall Semester 2018 Catalog

Agribusiness Manager, Technical Certificate of Credit


Offered at Waynesboro and Thomson campuses

Entrance Dates: Fall
Length of Program: Two Terms
Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 13

Program Description: The Agribusiness Manager TCC Program is designed to prepare students for employment in agribusiness operations.  The program emphasizes management, farm organization and management, agriculture policy, and issues and agriculture and natural resources.

Employment Opportunities: Graduates of this program will be able to be employed in a variety of Ag-business positions.  Areas of employment and job duties include: government regulations, farm managers responsible for financial elements of the business, satisfying legal requirements, responsible for purchasing and selling machinery.

Curriculum Outline

Required Courses

AGRB 1100Introduction to Agribusiness


AGRB 1110Agribusiness Management


AGRB 2110Farm Organization & Management


AGRB 2130Agricultural Policy


AGRB 2140Issues Agriculture & Nat Resrc