Summer Semester 2021 Catalog

Animated Short Film Production, Technical Certificate of Credit


Offered at the Augusta Campus

Entrance Dates: Fall
Length of Program: Two Terms
Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 10

Program Description:

The Animation Short Film Production TCC is an opportunity for graduates of the Computer Animation Diploma or Degree Specializations to produce an independent animated short film. This film will be additional material for the student’s “demo reel” which is the primary tool for acquiring work. The completed film will also be eligible for submission to a number of recognized student film competitions. Completion of this certificate will expand a student’s knowledge and increase their marketability.

Curriculum Outline

Occupational Courses, 10 credits

DMPT 2450Animated Short Film Production I


DMPT 2455Animated Short Film Production II



  • Must be a graduate of Design and Media Production Technology degree or diploma, or Animated Technology Specialization to apply.
  • A grade of “C” or higher is required for all courses.

Guided Pathway

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Students who do not follow the Course Sequence listed below may not be able to complete the program in the number of semesters shown.

Augusta Day Program

PROGRAM NAME: Animated Short Film Production

AWARD: Technical Certificate of Credit

CAMPUS: Augusta Day Program

Year 1 First Semester

DMPT 2450Animated Short Film Production I


Year 1 Second Semester

DMPT 2455Animated Short Film Production II