Fall Semester 2017 Catalog

Student Activities

GOAL Program

The Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership (GOAL) is cosponsored statewide by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the State Board of Technical and Adult Education. GOAL is cosponsored locally by The Optimist Club of Augusta and Augusta Technical College. The purposes of the GOAL Program are to give recognition annually to the State’s outstanding postsecondary technical students and to stimulate public interest in the importance of technical education.

The main objectives of the GOAL Program are the following:

  1. To spotlight the importance of technical education in modern society
  2. To reward students who excel in learning a skill
  3. To encourage pride in workmanship
  4. To generate greater respect and appreciation for the working person
  5. To emphasize the dignity of work in today’s society

All students with a 3.0 GPA who have completed at least 12 semester hours toward program graduation at a technical college are eligible for GOAL nomination. From these nominations, a committee chooses four outstanding students from degree or diploma programs. Finally, the College winner, chosen from the four finalists, is selected to compete in the annual statewide GOAL competition in Atlanta. The College winner must be enrolled in the same program or same program group throughout the competition.

Spring Spirit

Spring Spirit is held for students in the spring of each year. Various types of activities are planned by the Student Government Association.