Fall Semester 2018 Catalog

Financial Information


Tuition and Fees are payable prior to the beginning of each term/course except as noted. FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT THE BEGINNING OF ANY TERM OR COURSE.

Term Fee Schedule

1 $ 418
2 507
3 596
4 685
5 774
6 863
7 952
8 1041
9 1130
10 1219
11 1308
12 (Full-time) 1397
13 1486
14 1575
15 1664

(Effective Fall Semester 2017)

Fees listed above are for legal residents of Georgia and legal residents of South Carolina in bordering counties (Aiken, Allendale, Barnwell, Edgefield, and McCormick). Fees include tuition ($89 per credit hour, unless otherwise indicated), student activity fee ($45 per term), registration fee ($65 per term), transportation fee ($5 per term/Augusta campus only), supplemental accident insurance ($4 per term), and Instructional Fee ($55 per term), Technology Fee ($105 per term), and Campus Safety Fee ($25 per term). Students receiving adequate financial aid may agree to have these fees withheld from their financial aid award.

**All Allied Health Sciences and Nursing, Barbering, Cosmetology, and Early Childhood students are required to pay an additional liability insurance fee of $6.00. The liability insurance is paid each term with tuition and fees. Students receiving adequate financial aid may agree to have these fees withheld from their financial aid award.

South Carolina residents living in other counties other than those listed above and other out-of-state residents pay two times the tuition ($178) per credit hour for associate degree, diploma, and certificate programs.

Foreign students pay four times the tuition ($356 per credit hour for associate degree and diploma programs) required for Georgia residents. This applies to non-immigrant aliens, those on I-20 Foreign Student Visas, and foreign students to include diplomatic, consular mission, and other non-consular personnel. Foreign immigrants who are permanent residents shall pay the same tuition as citizens of Georgia.

The following programs are charged tuition and fees as follows:

Tuition Per Credit Hour Program Fee Per Term Full-time Tuition and Fees
Basic Law Enforcement $210 N/A $ 3479/per semester (2 semesters total)
Cardiovascular Technology $89 $370 $ 2040
Echocardiography $89 $370 $ 2040
Vascular Technology $89 $370 $ 2040

**Liability insurance fee as listed above will be added to tuition and other fees for these programs.


Students who withdraw before the term begins or during the first three days of the term may receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees if their financial obligations have been satisfied. No refund is granted for withdrawals after the 3rd day of the term. Refund/withdrawal forms may be obtained in the Admissions Office, Building 1300, Augusta Campus, or in Student Services at the Thomson/McDuffie and Waynesboro/Burke Campuses, and the Columbia County Center. Students who submit a refund form after the stated deadline(s) will not be eligible for a refund. The Business Office will process refunds after the third week of the term.

Refund Schedule

Time of Withdrawal Amount Refunded
Registered students may receive a full refund of all tuition and fees if their financial obligations have been satisfied provided that the Refund Form is received by the campus Student Services Office prior to the 4th day of the term. Full Refund of all Fees
Beginning the 4th day of the term No Refund

General Fees and Expenses

Application for Admission –An individual’s first application for admission to credit courses must be accompanied by a $25 application fee (nonrefundable).

ID Badges –All students, faculty, and staff must have a current Augusta Technical College identification visible at all times. The identifications cards can be obtained from the bookstore in Building 1300 on the Augusta Campus and at the Admissions Office on the Thomson and Waynesboro Campuses and the Columbia County Center. Student ID cards must be validated each term. A fee of $5 may be assessed under certain circumstances for replacement ID’s.

Late Registration –A $45 late payment fee will be added to regular fees for all students paying on or after the first day of the term.

Books, Tools, Uniforms, and Equipment –Every student is required to have books, tools, uniforms, and other equipment appropriate to the program of study. In most instances, these items will be usable in the student’s employment following graduation. All required books and some other program needs may be purchased from the College bookstore.

Practicum/Clinical Courses–Travel

Students enrolled in off-campus practicum or clinical courses will be required to travel to businesses, industries, and hospitals. Travel arrangements and costs for practicum/clinical courses must be provided by students.

Transcripts – Official transcripts may be requested for a fee of $5. Additional fees may apply for special conditions. Unofficial transcripts are available to students at no charge through the BannerWeb system.

Graduation Deadlines and Fees –Graduation information is available from the Office of Student Records. Students should see their advisor one term before graduation is planned for graduation information. Graduation fees are non-refundable.

Degree/Diploma/Technical Certificate of Credit Graduation Fees

  1. Degree, diploma, or technical certificate of credit (any number) received at the same graduation - $35
  2. Additional cover for a degree, diploma, or technical certificate of credit - $8
  3. The cost for invitations is included in the graduation fee. Invitations are available for pick up when students receive their cap & gown at the Campus Bookstore.

Continuing Education/Off-Campus Courses

Fees are charged for each continuing education/off-campus course as indicated in the announcement of course offerings for each semester. Students may be required to purchase textbooks and supplies for some courses.

Financial Obligations

Students who are delinquent in the payment of any financial obligation(s) may be removed from one or all courses and will not be allowed to register for another term until all delinquent fees are paid. Student transcripts or other student records will not be released until all delinquent fees are paid.