2018-19 Student Handbook and Wellness Guide

Accident Insurance

All credit students are required to purchase accident insurance at the time of registration. In case of an accident, the student is responsible for any expenses not paid by this accident insurance. Accident insurance provides partial (supplemental) coverage for medical expenses related to accidents (accidental injury or death) as specified below.

  1. College - Time Coverage protects students while engaged in college activities during the semester.
  2. Traveling - To or from the student’s residence and the College to attend classes or as a member of a supervised group (not as a spectator) traveling in a college-furnished vehicle or chartered transportation going to or from a college-sponsored activity.
  3. On the College Premises - During the hours on the days when the College is in session or any other time while the student is required to participate in a college-sponsored activity (not as a spectator).
  4. Away from the College Premises - As a member of a supervised group participating in a college-sponsored activity requiring the attendance of the student (not as a spectator). Students are responsible for reporting claims to the Vice President for Administrative Services or campus liaison.