Fall Semester 2020 Catalog

Grading System

The following grading system is used:

Program Courses Learning Support Courses
Grade Grade Point Grade Grade Point
A = 90 -100 4 A* = 90 - 100 0
B = 80 - 89 3 B* = 80 - 89 0
C = 70 - 79 2 C* = 70 - 79 0
D = 60 - 69 1 D* = 60 - 69 0
F = 0 - 59 0 F* = 0 - 59 0
I = Incomplete I* = Incomplete
IP = In Progress AU = Audit/Warranty
AC = Articulated Credit W = Withdraw
AU = Audit/Warranty

EX = Exempted/Credit by Exam
TR = Transfer Credit
W = Withdraw
 Z = Withdraw COVID-19          


3 = Exceeds Expectations
2 = Meets Expectations
1 = Needs Improvement
0 = Unacceptable

“AU” AUDIT –Indicates a student is registered to audit a course and attend classes without meeting all admission requirements for the course and without receiving credit. Students are not permitted to change from audit to credit after the drop/add period without meeting recommended admission requirements or from credit to audit after the drop/add period at the beginning of each term.

“I” INCOMPLETE –Indicates that a student has satisfactorily completed a substantial portion of the required coursework, but for non-academic reasons beyond the student’s control, has not been able to complete the course. It is at the discretion of the instructor as to whether an “I” grade is issued. The student must contact the instructor to develop plans for a timely completion of the course. If the required work is not completed on or before midterm of the following term, the “I” will automatically become an “F.” If a grade of “I” is received in a course that is a prerequisite to other courses, the student must complete the required prerequisite and receive a final grade to be eligible to enroll in other courses.

“IP” IN PROGRESS –Indicates that a course continues beyond the end of the term.

“TR” TRANSFER OF CREDIT - ‘Course grades less than “C” are not acceptable as transfer credit. Prior to spring semester 2012, courses accepted for transfer credit were assigned a grade of “TR” on the transcript. Transfer credits accepted beginning spring semester 2012 are assigned a grade of “TRA”, “TRB”, or “TRC”. The third letter indicates the grade earned in the course.’

“W” WITHDRAW –Signifies the student withdrew from the course

"Z" WITHDRAW COVID-19 - Z grades are used to denote unsuccessful completion due to COVID-19 emergency.  Z grades are excluded from attempted hours and GPA calculation.  In March 2020, the Georgia Governor instructed colleges in Georgia to limit instruction to a fully online format due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus. In an attempt to assist students who may have been negatively impacted by changes relating to COVID-19, the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) created a ‘Z’ grade for students who withdrew/failed/or stopped attending classes because of a qualifying emergency related to COVID-19.  In response to this, the ‘Z’ grade was implemented by Augusta Technical College beginning the Spring 2020 semester to credit the student with a no-penalty withdraw from classes..