Fall Semester 2020 Catalog

Nursery/Greenhouse Technician, Technical Certificate of Credit


Offered at the Augusta and Thomson Campuses and the Columbia County Center

Entrance Dates:Fall, Spring, and Summer
Length of Program:One Term
Credit Hours Required for Graduation:17

Program Description: The Nursery/Greenhouse Technician program prepares graduates for challenging careers in the expanding fields of nursery production, greenhouse production, and garden center sales.

Employment Opportunities: The Nursery/Greenhouse Technician program prepares individuals to produce, store, and deliver plant species in controlled indoor environments for wholesale, commercial, research, or other purposes. Includes instruction in applicable principles of plant science; climate, irrigation, and nutrition control equipment operation and maintenance; facilities management; inventory control; safety procedures; and personnel supervision.

Curriculum Outline

Occupational Courses, 17 credits

HORT 1000Horticulture Science


HORT 1010Woody Plant Identification I


HORT 1020Herbaceous Plant Identificatio


HORT 1030Greenhouse Management


HORT 1050Nursery Production&Management