Spring Semester 2021 Catalog


College Readmission

Students dismissed or suspended from the College for more than two consecutive semesters because of administrative action or academic reasons may submit a new online application to apply to reenter the College at the beginning of any term following the dismissal or suspension period.

Students who do not enroll for two consecutive terms must re-apply to the College and must meet current program admission requirements. Upon re-admittance, the student must complete the current program curriculum in effect at that time in order to graduate. If, under a new curriculum, there has been an increase in the number of hours or competencies for a course(s) that the student completed when previously enrolled, the student must re-take the course(s). Students who need to re-enter the College must submit a new online application.


Program Readmission

New students will be given admission priority to competitive admission programs over admission of a student who has been suspended. In addition, students who do not meet the program specific academic requirements as indicated in the catalog may not be readmitted.

Students desiring to re-enter a competitive admission allied health program must follow the program policy for readmission. For more information regarding this process, please contact the Dean of Allied Health and Nursing.