Spring Semester 2021 Catalog

Administrative Organization

Augusta Technical College is under the policy and administrative control of the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia. This Board provides overall policies for the management of the College to ensure that the needs of the citizenry, business, and industry are met to the highest possible degree and in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. The Board shall provide overall policy guidance to the Commissioner of the Technical College S ystem of Georgia, which is responsible for the day-to-day operations on behalf of the Board.

State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia
Gregory C. Dozier Commissioner
Mary Flanders First District
Carvel Lewis Second District
Frank S. “Chuck” Newman Third District
Baoky N. Vu Fourth District
Dr. Artesius Miller Fifth District
Dr. Lynn Cornett Sixth District
Lisa Winton Seventh District
Ben I. Copeland, Sr. Eighth District
Dinah C. Wayne Ninth District
Howard Clifford (Trey) Sheppard, III (Vice Chair) Tenth District
Jay Cunningham Eleventh District
Tommy David Twelfth District
Tim Williams Thirteenth District
Joe W. Yarbrough Fourteenth District
Ben Bryant Member-at-Large
Doug Carter(Chair) Member-at-Large
Vacant Member-at-Large
Randall Fox Member-at-Large
Anne Kaiser Member-at-Large
Buzz Law, CFP Member-at-Large
Shirley Smith Member-at-Large
Phil Sutton Member-at-Large


Members of the Augusta Technical College local board of directors are nominated for their positions by area industry and educational officials and approved by the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia. The Board of Directors meet monthly to interpret the State Board policies and provide supplemental policies to ensure that the needs of the the college's five county service area are met. Responsibilities include reviewing and approving goals and objectives, short-range and long-range plans, facilities expansion, program additions and changes, and the annual budget before submission for approval by the State Board.

Augusta Technical College Board of Directors
Linda Bailey Burke County
Peggy Barmore, Chairwoman McDuffie County
Patricia Goodwin Columbia County
Howie Gunby, Vice Chairman Lincoln County
James Heffner Richmond County
Velvet Perry Richmond County
 Harold Wright Richmond County


Advisory Committees

In accordance with TCSG policy 5.1.3 - Technical Advisory Committees, select occupational programs work closely with Technical Advisory Committees to advise the State Board on the development of curricula to address labor market needs.  These committees are purposed to provide expert support for each associate degree, diploma, and select technical certificate of credit programs.  Technical Advisory Committees work closely with their respective occupational programs and provide advice as to the adequacy of equipment, facilities, instruction, and graduates' job performance capabilities.  In addition, the committees are established to promote interaction between the occupational program and stakeholders in the community served by the program.  Interaction includes using the expertise of the committee member to improve curriculum content and program operation.

Technical Advisory Committee membership is representative of the community and employment market served by the occupational program.  As Augusta Technical College serves five counties, representation of all five counties is sought for each committee.  Faculty members from each occupational program or program-related group, with assistance from College administrators, select the Technical Advisory Committee members.