Fall Semester 2023 Catalog

General Education Competencies

General Education Competencies and Student Learning Outcomes

General education courses provide a base of knowledge and skills for student success. The assessment of college-level general education competencies is designed to allow review of specific learning for general education courses. These outcomes and assessment measures will provide evidence that the College curriculum meets the goals of student learning and are documented at the institutional and course levels.

1. Communication – Written and Oral

Students will demonstrate the ability to speak, listen, read, and write in an organized and effective manner. A competent communicator can interact with others using all forms of communication, resulting in understanding and being understood.

2. Critical Thinking

Students will demonstrate the ability to think logically, critically, and independently in order to make informed decisions. A competent critical thinker evaluates evidence carefully and applies reasoning to decide what to believe and how to act.

3. Quantitative Reasoning

Students will demonstrate necessary mathematical and scientific skills in order to solve problems and interpret data. A person who is competent in quantitative reasoning possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to apply the use of logic, numbers, and mathematics to deal effectively with problems and issues.