Summer Semester 2023 Catalog

Grade Appeals

If a student questions a grade received in a course, the student should contact the instructor with a petition to change a grade. The Registrar cannot change a grade without notification from the instructor. A student must petition for a grade change and have the change resolved by mid-term of the subsequent term.

A student may appeal a final grade or any other academic decision. The student should first discuss the issue with the instructor who awarded the grade or made the academic decision. This appeal should take place within two weeks. If the consultation with the instructor does not satisfy the student, he or she may submit a written appeal to the academic dean. This appeal should occur within four weeks of the contested grade or decision. If the student is not satisfied with the decision of the dean or director, the student may appeal in writing to the Provost. This appeal should occur within six weeks of the contested grade or decision. The decision of the Provost concerning the approval of a grade change is final.