Fall Semester 2023 Catalog

Advanced Pipe Welding, Technical Certificate of Credit


Offered at the Augusta campus

Entrance Dates: Fall, Spring, and Summer
Length of Program: One Term
Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 8

Program Description: The Advanced Pipe Welding program is designed to take the graduate of Augusta Technical College Welding program to the next level of welding in the pipe field. Program learning opportunities develop academic, technical, and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. The program emphasizes welding theory and practical application necessary for successful employment. The student will weld pipe of various sizes in the 2g-5g-and 6g positions using the SMAW and GTAW process. Program graduates receive an Advanced Pipe Welding certificate and are prepared to take a qualification test.

Employment Opportunities: The graduate of the Advanced Pipe Welding program will be employable as a pipe construction welder, using the SMAW and GTAW process to weld various sizes of pipe. Other Jobs include industrial welder, steel fabricator, and heavy construction industries. Graduates readily find employment in these fields in the area.

Curriculum Outline

Occupational Courses, 8 credits




  • Completion of WELD 1152 with a "B" or higher and completion of the Welding and Joining Technology Diploma Program is required for admission to this program.

Guided Pathway

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Augusta Day Program

PROGRAM NAME: Advanced Pipe Welding

AWARD: Technical Certificate of Credit

CAMPUS: Augusta Day Program

Year 1 Fall Semester