2022-23 Student Handbook and Wellness Guide

Campus Security

It is the obligation of the College to ensure orderly operation, to protect the rights of all members of the College community, to prohibit acts which materially and substantially interfere with legitimate educational objectives or interfere with the rights of others, and to institute disciplinary action where conduct adversely affects the pursuit of educational objectives.

Therefore, Augusta Technical College employs both unarmed Campus Security Officers and Campus Police Officers to enforce security rules and regulations including the Student Code of Conduct and Traffic and Parking Regulations. Campus Police Officers have full arrest powers and can issue both in-house and state traffic citations.

Uniformed officers provide protection for safety. The purpose of campus security is to serve the students and provide a safe and pleasant campus atmosphere. Students are encouraged to provide cooperation to the officers. Students and faculty/staff must have the Augusta Technical College identification card visible for verification at all times.

Students and faculty/staff shall not interfere with the officers in the performance of their duties. For questions, problems, or special needs, or if there is a concern regarding enforcement of the code of conduct, traffic and parking regulations, and/or security procedures, contact the Chief of Campus Police or Vice President for Administrative Services.

To report immediate emergencies on any campus, call 911. To report any other incidents that occur on campus such as: thefts, vehicle accidents, injuries, suspicious persons, suspicious activities, and solicitors on the Augusta Campus, call (706) 771-4021; on the Thomson Campus call, (706) 595-0166; on the Waynesboro Campuses call, (706) 437-6801; and at the Columbia County Center, call (706) 651-7368.

Statistics concerning the occurrence on campus of criminal offenses will be published annually in September. This information will be available online, in two locations on the Augusta Campus in the Library/Information Technology Center and the Business Office.